...that will make you wanna get dancey!

Kristofer Mencák

From: Stockholm, Sweden

Style: Kizomba, Taraxa & Semba

Between capoeira to kizomba you would say that it’s a big difference but for Kristofer it’s a dance and it's all about the music!


Gwany & Kizzy

From: Paris, France

Style: Tarraxa & Urban Kiz.

Kizzy & Gwany partnership was born out of their love and musical interpretation. Together, they propose to you to share convivial moments where they will teach you the bases of the kizomba and more particularly the TARRAXA ... this movement of the kizomba, which emphasizes the the woman’s hips movement to which the leader will play on the Rhythm of the music .


Ennuel Iverson

From: Paris, France

Style: Kizomba 2.0

Ennuel is passionate artist who has a big thirst for improvement and he knows how to find the appropriate words to share his knowledge. He's the creator of innovative concepts such as Men Musicality or Kizomba 2.0 so get ready because it's only the beginning!


Mervil & Amandine

From: Brest, France

Style: Urban Kiz

With a background of tango, hip hop, jazz and salsa, he managed to create his own style, which he transformed into his concept of Kizomba Elégance which became an Academy of dance. His style is based on combining harmony, lightness and style. Mervil pays special attention to posture and to the correct mechanics in movement, especially in dance. While teaching he focuses on the correct movement of the body, on mutual respect of the partners and on the personal development and self confidence of each dancer.


Wojtek & Marysja

From: Lublin, Poland

Style: Urban Kiz

Wojtek a.k.a. "the son of Urbankiz", is young, restless, musical and hyper talented. Together with Marysia, which is crazy also about Brazilian Zouk (don’t tell anyone!), they form a polish couple that will polish your moves. You got it right, right?


Blaise Mwami

From: London, UK

Style: Kizomba, Semba, Afro

He came across Kizomba “accidentally” but even so Blaise felt in love with the culture and the dance. He transferred his skills to this new trend that took over the „dancey” scene in Europe, teaching, Djing and sharing his love and passion for Afro Rhythms and Kizomba.


George & Liza

From: Munchen, Germany

Style: Tarraxa & Urban Kiz.

This couple is approaching our 1st Get Dancey with some hot vibes. “Kizomba is so intensive, so passionate, so full of love and harmony (...)...is not a dance, but it´s a therapy for the soul.” they say and you better trust their words. So pack up some talent and get your moves on ‘cause they are ready to show you how it’s done, dancing till the art burns the soul.

Jasna Jale

From: Belgrad, Serbia

Style: Kizomba

She was completely mesmerized by kizomba 10 years ago after spending a period of time in Portugal. Jasna's learning path never stoped and after 10 years of kizomba she still goes to many festivals in order to grow as a instructor, dancer and a dj, learning about Angolan music, dance & culture music. Let yourself mesmerized by Jasna and let’s get dancey!


Samuel FunFlow

From: Madrid, Spain

Style: Urban Kiz.

You want to meet him but all you can see is his smile. Mixing fun and flow, our handsome guy is going to show you how it’s done. Don’t miss his flavored kizomba classes.

...that will get you dancey!
...that will get dancey with you!

VVK Team

From: Paris

Gender: 3 ladies & 1 gentlemen

...that we say "Thank you!" to
...just smile if you feel so...

George Bufan

From: Timisoara


Fabrizio Benatti

From: Cluj Napoca